About Shelby

Shelby Stevens is a Nebraska native who currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and 2 children. Combining her love for children, reading, and writing and inspired by her aunt and kids, Shelby started to pursue her dream of writing children’s books.

Shelby has a bit of an interesting career path… Her initial career ambitions were to be a gold medal gymnast, teacher, and hair and makeup stylist (sadly, none of these ambitions came to fruition except for styling a few very trusting friends with some gnarly hair for ’80s prom). Under the guidance of family, she then decided to play it safe in college with a more basic business degree (including a stint in political campaign management and event planning), which then took an unexpected turn to PreMed/Pre-P.A. After deciding to wait to apply for Medical or P.A. school, Shelby traveled the U.S. as a Healthcare Training Consultant for a few years, then quit to take care of family while owning a photography business, dabbled in interior design, moved across the country to marry the love of her life, became a Mom of 2 (her most important job!), and now blogs in fleeting moments of spare time and writes children’s books during nap times and into the wee hours of the morning.

When she’s not writing, Shelby enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, baking, decorating, blogging, skiing, traveling, puzzle time with her kiddos, planning parties, and putting her camera to good use! Fun facts: Shelby is a night owl, has been skydiving, ran a marathon, and usually enjoys a late-night working snack of Kimchi around 11PM (much to her hubs’ delight…). She also met her husband on a blind date, and they dated long distance (including Seattle to Charlotte) before they got married without ever having lived in the same city. Thankfully they are still happily married today with 2 rugrats to boot.

Inspired by her children and a calling in her heart, Shelby started the Pals with Purpose series with hopes of instilling good values and life lessons into children’s books through colorful illustrations, whimsical characters, charming rhymes, and memorable stories. Giving Heart Books donates a book for every book purchased and gives 10% or more to charities and people in need. Check out some of the organizations here. Shelby hopes that her books can be one way to plant seeds in small souls where they learn about and spread kindness, love, and generosity around the world.

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