Kaylee Kangaroo


Kaylee Kangaroo watches her friends play and thinks about how each friend is unique, yet she feels anything but special. As the friends work together, Kaylee discovers not only her own unique purpose but also the most important lesson of all: that regardless of your skills, gifts, or talents, what truly matters in life is your heart.

This memorable book focuses on essential themes such as embracing diversity, instilling kindness, encouraging compassion, and promoting teamwork. Dive deeper into the book with engaging discussion questions (located on the dust jacket and on the website) and check out the bonus “Fun Facts” section (located at the end of the book) to learn interesting, fun facts for each of the animals featured in the story. Children and adults alike will fall in love with the book’s charming rhymes, whimsical characters, colorful illustrations, and heartfelt stories while taking in countless learning opportunities.

The Pals with Purpose series is created from the heart and inspired by real-life experiences with hopes of instilling good values and life lessons into children’s books. Collect all the books in the series and learn each pal’s purpose and unique story while empowering kids to become their best!

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Hardcover, Paperback

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